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Work With Catherine

Work With Catherine

I know first-hand how money, muscle, and movement problems can affect you mentally and physically as a dancer. By the time I was 22 I had had 2 knee surgeries and was dealing with health issues that included migraines, digestive problems, rashes, and constant respiratory issues. I was taking nasal sprays and anti-inflammatory meds on a regular basis. I was making decent money dancing on cruise lines yet I never felt like I had enough to really take care of myself. You see, medications are expensive and my health was draining my wallet. Keeping up with my training and trying to live a healthy lifestyle felt too expensive. As a result, I wasn’t as confident in the audition room or class and felt like I would never get ahead in this business. By the time I was 25 my health issues exacerbated to a point where I could no longer physically get up in the morning and move my body. This was my rock bottom and I stayed there for about 3 years. I finally got fed up enough with not being healthy and having an empty wallet that I took matters into my own hands and started looking for some concrete answers. My research turned into the Money Muscle Movement Experience for Dancers.

In the The Money Muscle Movement Experience you’ll learn how to have more cash to dance, how to dance more and hurt less, and how to be front and center in the audition room.

Services Offered

  • Guest Speaking Engagements
  • One-on-One Private Coaching
  • Group Workshops

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“Catherine has taught me the importance of mindset. Through specific exercises such as finding daily gratitude, trackers of successes, and consistent self-care, I have changed drastically in a short amount of time. I have learned to trust my own instincts, and to exude a confidence at every audition that I didn’t know existed before. These newfound practices recently helped me to finally receive a callback (over a large group of others who did not) at a theater I’ve gone out for several times. I have since had success at many additional auditions.” ~Julie McNamara 

Ellen Saltzman“Working with Catherine helped me clarify my goals and then take action steps to make them happen. When I started the program, I knew I wanted to make some changes in my life, but I wasn’t sure how to make it happen. One of my goals was to change my eating habits. I was doing my best to make healthy choices, but I was still struggling with chronic fatigue and migraines. Once we established my goals, Catherine helped me make a meal plan and track my eating habits. By the end of four weeks, my energy levels increased and my headaches reduced significantly.After working with Catherine, I now know how to plan for and achieve all of my goals. Through daily journaling, goal setting, and action steps, I can make a plan and successfully stick to it.” ~ Ellen Saltzman