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The Rulebook for Dancers on Instagram

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Dancers on Instagram

The Rulebook for Dancers on Instagram

The society we live in now is all about social media. Everyone posts their daily lives, businesses promote themselves, and information is spread through all of the different platforms that now exist. As a dancer, you need to promote yourself like you are a business. Whether it be on Instagram or your Facebook like page, you have to post consistently and with intention. Post about your classes, any auditions you have been on, classes you are taking, etc. In my opinion the best platform for dancers on social media right now is Instagram. Dancers are exploding with their pages and really showing what the life is like. Below are a few tips for operating your Instagram account as a dancer:

  1. Post consistently around the same time every day. Social media and network marketing experts have determined that the best times to post and get the most traction on your social media is around 9am, 12 noon, & 9pm. These are the times you should be posting about your brand and what you offer.
  2. Have a separate account for dance. If you are branding yourself as a “dancer page” on Instagram make sure you have a separate account for photos of your friends, family, significant other, etc. You don’t want to have casting directors following your dance page and see you partying with your friends on Saturday night, so make sure you have two separate pages.
  3. Use hashtags!! This is so important because this is how people/pages that are similar to yours find you and follow you creating more traction for your page. People can also search hashtags on Instagram so if a casting director is looking for dancers to invite to an audition he/she may search “#dancer” and potentially see your page. Common hashtags include, #dance, #dancer, #dancelife, #auditonlife, #nycdancers, etc.
  4. Make your page public. This may seem scary to some people because then anyone can follow you without you having to approve them, but this is also the only way that hashtags will work for your page. People cannot find you when they search the hashtags or in the “pages you may know” section if you are not public. Remember you can always block a page if they start to harass you or if you really are suspicious and don’t want a particular user following you.
  5. Don’t use crazy filters on your photos. You want to look as much like yourself as possible, so don’t Photoshop, or use ultra-defining filters. Make sure you always look like you whether it be in selfies, headshots, or dance shots.
  6. Post videos of yourself in class. But…always make sure you get the teacher/choreographer’s permission before filming and always credit them on your post. This also opens up your page to anyone that follows that choreographer and reminds them of who you were in their class for future reference.
  7. Last but not least, speak from the heart with each post and make sure each post is dance related. Post photos of you at an audition for your dream job, taking class with Mia Michaels, or of yourself doing a 180-degree tilt at rehearsal. Show how much you love this life and just how badly you want to continue working within it.

Again, social media is so important for you to establish yourself as a brand and can be used as a stepping stone for landing gigs. But it takes time, so stay consistent, be real, & dance your heart out! You never know, you may become “instafamous” ;).  Happy Instagramming!

Meagan is dancing with Aries in Flight under the direction of Catherine Mancuso and is also a ACE certified group fitness instructor teaching multiple formats including Zumba, Pound, & Aerobics. She teaches at gyms across Long Island and loves spreading her passion for health & fitness.  Learn more about her at

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