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Meal Prep for Dancers

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Meal Prep

Meal Prep for Dancers

Dancers all have crazy schedules. Between auditioning, rehearsing, taking class, and working to be able to pay rent, we rarely have time to eat an actual meal. Usually it is just grab and go or we end up eating granola bars for each meal. For as busy as we are, we still have to take care of our bodies and fuel it properly. I have always found that prepping my meals not only saves me money, but ensures that I am eating actual meals. I usually do my prepping on Sunday evenings after rehearsal and have plenty of Tupperware on hand. Here are some of my quick tips for easy meal planning.

Mason Jar Salads:

You have probably seen mason jar salads on everyone’s Pinterest boards or sharing the different recipes you can make. They are really simple and when made the right way can make for delicious, fresh tasting salads! You want to start with a clean mason jar that you can get for cheap on Amazon or in any craft store. Then you want to add your dressing and any wet ingredients such as tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. on the bottom. On top of that add moisture resistant veggies, such as carrots. If you want to add some protein, such as chicken or steak that would go in your next layer. Then you can add any grains, such as quinoa, and the greens of your choice as your last layer. Once you are ready to eat it you just pull it out of your refrigerator, shake, and go! These are really great to throw into your audition bag for lunch or bring along with you on long rehearsal or show days.

Banana Oat Energy Bites

A great and easy snack or breakfast!! These bites require no baking and take less than 10 minutes to make! Made with rolled oats, bananas, your choice of nut butter, chocolate chips, and honey they satisfy every craving and will leave you wanting to make them each week! Go to for the full recipe!

Overnight Oats

Another quick and easy breakfast that takes under 10 minutes to prep and is portable! You grab those awesome mason jars again, put your oats on the bottom, layer your choice of yogurt on top, choose your favorite fruit for the next layer (I love raspberries and strawberries), top that with your choice of milk such as almond or cashew, shake, and store in the refrigerator overnight! These work great for dancers who have an early shift at work or hate having to make breakfast before those 5am open call signups when audition season is in full swing. These oats are sure to leave you full, satisfied, & wanting breakfast every morning. It is the most important meal of the day! Go to for different ideas!

Quick Dinners

When it comes to eating throughout the week dinner is definitely the hardest for me to get to. To combat this, I try to prep a few essential food items for dinner on Sunday evenings after rehearsal. My boyfriend will fire up the grill and grill chicken cutlets for the week or make them on the stove in a pan. I will boil quinoa to add to salads or to just have as a side with the chicken. I also take sweet potatoes and steam them in a steam bag or mash them up in a bowl. Usually, I make vegetables the day of by steaming them or I’ll boil them on Sunday’s and store them in the fridge. Having these items on hand in my refrigerator guarantees that no matter what time I get home at night, I have a meal that will take me less than 5 minutes to warm up. It’s not fast food, it’s healthy, and by doing this I am saving myself about $50 a week because I am not going out for dinner after teaching, rehearsals, etc.

Meal prepping doesn’t have to be hard and can lead to you saving time, money, and your health because you will know what you are eating. It usually takes me about an hour or so on Sundays, and my boyfriend helps with cooking the chicken. This means you have to go food shopping but that won’t take you long, I promise, and like I said it will save you money so you can take that extra class at Peridance next week. You can also go to my Pinterest for more recipes that you can prep and save for the week, Now go grab those mason jars and happy meal prepping!!


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