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Dancers, Let’s Be Honest…

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Dancers, Let’s Be Honest…

In this new series, we’ll be getting real with how to put your best foot forward in the dance world. Let’s be honest, we all need a check in sometimes from an outside perspective. We’re kicking off our series with a post all about how to fully commit by Aries In Flight dancer Meagan Kolakowski. Take it away Meagan!

Alright dancers, time to get real. How many times do you commit to something, a free webinar, class, or even a performance opportunity, and then not show up because life got in the way? We all do it, but in my own experience, I have been noticing it A LOT more as of recently. Dancers will sign up for free webinars and not show up, but won’t sign up for it if they are charged for it because, let’s be honest, we have rent and want to eat that week. I get it because I have done this myself. But, if someone is giving you something like a webinar or event for free, that will have information that you can use for the rest of your life, why would you not attend??

Most dancers may not think that it matters if they don’t keep a commitment to events that don’t cost them anything, but it really does. That person that you are flaking on may be your next casting director or the next director for the company you are auditioning for. If you are bailing on something that didn’t cost you anything, who’s to say you won’t bail on them in rehearsals that they don’t have the funding to pay you for yet? As a dancer you are thinking, “Well I’d never do that”, but the casting director is thinking “They didn’t show up to a free event I was holding after committing to it, so how can I trust them to commit to my company?”

It will be rare that you come into situations like this, but this generation of dancers has to stop saying yes to everything and really look at if they can commit fully or not. Just because the event, webinar, or class is free doesn’t mean you have to attend. If you cannot but still want the information, contact whomever is running the event and ask if you could get a recording or the information emailed to you. If you know that you can attend but think you will forget, set a reminder on your phone or write it in your planner so that you know that time slot of your day is already booked. Most of these free events may have limits to how many people are able to register as well, so you could be taking the spot of someone who could really commit to this if you aren’t planning too. Either way, commit fully and show up or don’t commit to it at all.

The people who run these events may also stop holding them at no cost if they are seeing a high registration rate, but a low attendance. It is proven that when people have to pay for an event in advance they are more likely to show up because they don’t want to waste the money that was spent. They will make more of an effort to show up and have time set aside to make sure they keep the commitment. Those who hold free events and classes may become tired of having low attendance with a high registration rate and start charging a price for their information. So go to these free events/webinars/classes if you register before they start charging everyone!

All in all, just stay committed to everything you sign up for. Don’t do anything half way. Remember it is better to do a few things with your full attention than to do many things with neglect! And if you have any trouble organizing yourself, I believe I wrote a blog about that as well ;)

Happy Committing!!!

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