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Dance With Catherine

Dance With Catherine

Mission Statement

Aries In Flight is wholly dedicated to the preservation and future success of Theater Jazz dance. Our choreography evokes the styles of past Theater Jazz icons and merges them with a contemporary flair. The dance company aims to legitimize Theater Jazz as a valuable player in the concert dance world and educate both our audiences and the dance community in this historically rich tradition, delighting them with showstopping repertoire. Our long term vision is to strengthen future generations of Theater Jazz dancers through dance classes, educational programming in historical knowledge, performance opportunities, and collaborations within the dance community.

About the Company

Our performance company was founded in September 2012 and had it’s debut performance at Dance New Amsterdam located in NYC’s Financial District. Catherine  draws influence from historical figures including Bob Fosse, Jerome Robbins, Jack Cole, and Michael Bennett as well as from current Broadway productions. The ultimate goal is for the company to preserve the integrity of Theater Dance and allow it to flourish as a valid art form for years to come.