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Your Dance Strategy for 2017

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Dance Strategy

It’s the start of a brand-new year, are you ready to conquer the dance world? A recent survey I conducted showed that dancers need the most help with having more money, creating strong muscles, and picking up movement more quickly. I hear a lot of dancers with good intentions setting resolutions like,” I’ll save more money,” “I’ll train harder,” and “I want to learn new styles of choreography.” These intentions are good but there’s one problem with them: they don’t have any specific actions steps to go with them. It is very common place to set lofty goals because the idea of them makes us feel good. You can very easily get lost in the daydream of these resolutions and never actually do the most important part: take action.

If you are ready to make 2017 the best dance year of your life, here are some action steps you can take.


Track your spending for one month to discover where you can save more money.

Look into holiday discounts and specials on dance class packages.

Find out what your break-even number is and set a realistic budget.

Commit to paying off your credit card balances.

Look for opportunities to increase your weekly revenue.

Use the Facebook marketplaces to buy almost new dance equipment.

Commit to making coffee at home.

Brown-bag your lunches.

Do your own body work at home using foam rollers and balls.


Strength train 3x a week.

Make sleep a priority and commit to a solid sleep schedule.

Find 1 new healthy recipe each week and try it out.

Track your water consumption and aim to drink half your weight in ounces each day.

Make time for rest and recovery in your training regimen.

Commit to eating whole foods.

Replace your coffee with herbal tea.

Drink water with lemon upon waking.

Research portable healthy snacks you can keep in your dance bag.

Commit to meal prepping one to two times a week.


Keep a dance journal and track your daily/weekly progress.

Find out if you are an audible or visual learner. Once you know, hone in on key cues for your learning style.

Watch and learn the choreography from a new dance video each week.

Test out new learning strategies to see which tricks work best for you when learning new choreography. Track them in your dance journal.

Take classes in the style that you would like to perform in to better focus your training.

Research the work of the choreographer you want to work with.

Write down your trouble spots.

Sing the steps of choreography together.

Set a clear intention for each class or audition you walk into.

Leave your negative thoughts at the door.

Write down 3 things you did well in each class or audition you partake in.


This list is a jumping point for you to begin taking steps towards making 2017 the best dance year of your life. Don’t feel you have to tackle all of these in one day. Instead, choose one item from each category and begin working on that for the next month. Once you have the hang of it, you can continue to add in more action steps to your dance strategy for the year. Remember, the most important thing you can do this year is to take action.

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