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Dancers Let's Be Honest about Auditioning

Dancers, Let’s Be Honest About Auditioning

Dancers, Let’s Be Honest About Auditioning At every audition that I have ever been too there is this animosity and competitive spirit exuding from most dancers in the room. Everyone wants the job. Some of us have become friends simply from seeing each other so often at every open call, and then there are some […]

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Dancers, Let's Be Honest....

Dancers, Let’s Be Honest: Professional vs. Personal Life

Dancers, Let’s Be Honest… Do you keep your professional life separate from your personal life? With apps like SnapChat and Instagram soaring in usage by millennials, it can easily feel like the lines been personal and professional are blurred. Most of us spend hours documenting our days sharing our morning fitness routines, our cute new […]

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be honest

Dancers, Let’s Be Honest…

Dancers, Let’s Be Honest… In this new series, we’ll be getting real with how to put your best foot forward in the dance world. Let’s be honest, we all need a check in sometimes from an outside perspective. We’re kicking off our series with a post all about how to fully commit by Aries In Flight dancer […]

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The key to healing an injury

The Key to Healing an Injury

The Key to Healing an Injury Injuries are the one thing dancers never want to deal with, because let’s face it, they suck. When you experience one, more often than not your mind is focused on how quickly you can get back to dancing. In previous posts, we’ve talked about the importance of rest and […]

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Rulebook for Dancers on Instagram

The Rulebook for Dancers on Instagram

The Rulebook for Dancers on Instagram The society we live in now is all about social media. Everyone posts their daily lives, businesses promote themselves, and information is spread through all of the different platforms that now exist. As a dancer, you need to promote yourself like you are a business. Whether it be on […]

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Your Dance Strategy for 2016-2

Your Dance Strategy for 2017

It’s the start of a brand-new year, are you ready to conquer the dance world? A recent survey I conducted showed that dancers need the most help with having more money, creating strong muscles, and picking up movement more quickly. I hear a lot of dancers with good intentions setting resolutions like,” I’ll save more […]

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How to Organize Your (Dance) Life

How to Organize Your (Dance) Life In my last blog post we talked about how to prolong your dance career by taking care of your body. Taking care of yourself requires planning it out and making sure you have time for everything else we do in our crazy lives. Staying organized is one of the […]

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Meal Prep for Dancers

Meal Prep for Dancers Dancers all have crazy schedules. Between auditioning, rehearsing, taking class, and working to be able to pay rent, we rarely have time to eat an actual meal. Usually it is just grab and go or we end up eating granola bars for each meal. For as busy as we are, we […]

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